Acid Precipitation

NAPAP Tracking & Analysis Framework
National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program; maintained by the EPA and other agencies. Contains cost/benefit comparisons, scenarios for emissions, cost and users and other resources

Air Quality

Clean Air Act
Contains full text of the Act

EPA Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards
Contains data on air pollution, emissions, regulations, publications, and other resources


Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
Contains full text of the Act

Asbestos Information Act
Contains full text of the Act

Brownfields/Land Use/Real Estate

MGKF Brownfields Redevelopment

EPA’s Brownfields Homepage
Contains general information, news, regulations and contacts

Brownfield News
Tracks the developments associated with environmentally impaired properties; maintained by Brownfield News Magazine

CERCLA (Superfund)

Contains full text of the Act

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)
Contains national alerts, announcements, minimum risk levels and toxicological profiles; maintained by the Dept. of Health and Human Services


Chemical Fact Sheets
Contains brief summaries of selected chemicals: their IDENTITY(1,1), production and use, environmental fate, health and effects; maintained by the EPA

Climate Protection

Climate Protection Initiative Home
A partnership between World Resources Institute and private firms to identify acceptable policies for achieving strong climate protection goals; maintained by World Resources Institute

Delaware Programs

Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Search by keyword, DNREC News, information regarding air, land & water and waste, links and contacts

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance Tracking System that contains news, resources and a searchable database of facilities’ compliance information. Maintained by the Pennsylvania DEP

Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance that contains information about Environmental Appeal Board opinions, Environmental Justice, Administrative Decisions and the Global Village. Maintained by the EPA

Environmental Organizations

The Nature Conservancy
Contains environmental news, state and regional programs

Federal Land Policy & Management

Federal Land Policy and Management Act
Contains full text of the Act

General Environmental Information

ABA Section of Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law
Contains access to committees, CLE programs, publications, news and FTP files of interest

Environmental Acronyms
Search from A-Z

Standard Industrial Classification Manual
Allows user to search the SIC manual by keyword; maintained by OSHA

Environmental Route Net
Provides index of databases, periodicals, abstracts, grants, patents, glossaries and educational programs; maintained by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, a privately owned information company

Green Pages-The Global Directory for Environmental Technology
Guide to products and services, suppliers, organizations, conferences and publications; maintained by ECO Services International

EPA RCRA, Superfund & EPCRA Hotline
Contains links and general information

Geothermal Energy Research

Geothermal Resources Council
Offering links, databases, publications and contacts

Office of Geothermal Technologies
Provides general information on the history, applications and future of geothermal technology; maintained by the U.S. Department of Energy

Law (sources of environmental)

FindLaw: Environmental Law
Contains journals, articles, databases, governmental agencies, and software; maintained by Findlaw

Legal Information Institute Environmental Page
Contains sources of Federal Statutes and an overview of Federal Environmental Law; maintained by Cornell Law School

Law (sources of general statutory regulations and case law)

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Allows for full text searches in FRCP

Code of Federal Regulations
Allows for full text topical searches in CFR

Congressional Information
Allows access to information about bills and resolutions being considered in Congress, and events on the House floor as they happen

Virtual Law Library
Database of law links; maintained by the Indiana University School of Law

Legal Information Institute
Contains search function for a variety of legal databases including court opinion, ethics, directories, and jurisdiction; maintained by Cornell Law School

Pennsylvania Legal Research Web Sites
Contains links to form books, law libraries, case law, county courts, rules, statutes, administrative law and bar associations

New Jersey Legislature Home Page
Contains bills, statutes, districts and other legislative documents

Opinions of the New Jersey Courts
Search opinions in the New Jersey Supreme Court from 3/94 or search Appellate Division and Tax Court decisions from 9/95

Includes access to contact and other information from Federal and State Courts; maintained by Superior Information Services, Inc., a private company

New Jersey Programs

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

New Jersey Division of Solid & Hazardous Waste
Contains forms, regulations and other resources; maintained by NJ DEP

New Jersey Division of Water Quality
Contains information regarding wastewater financing programs, permitting, non-point pollution, industrial discharges, forms, checklists, rules and regulations

New Jersey Air Quality Permitting Program
Contains contact information, permit information, technical manuals and air regulations

New Jersey Site Remediation Program
Contains Industrial Site Recovery Act, regulations, guidance documents and information about USTs, voluntary clean-up, emergency response, brownfields and Superfund

New Jersey Pinelands Commission
Contains Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan, links to state and regional land use agencies and services

New Jersey Geological Survey
Contains links, NJGS, Geodata, information on geology surveys, maps and publications

Marine Protection

Marine Protection Act
Contains full text of the Act

U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety and Environmental Protection
Contains regulations, policy, instructions, research, prevention and response

Oil Pollution

Oil Pollution Act
Contains full text of the Act

EPA’s Oil Spill Program
Contains laws, regulations, SPCC and procedures for responding to spills

Pennsylvania Programs

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority

Contains rules and regulations, reclamation and composting information and annual reports

Office of Pollution Prevention & Compliance Assistance
Outlines Pennsylvania programs to promote pollution prevention and compliance with environmental laws and regulations; maintained by PADEP

PADEP Environmental Hearing Board
Covers recent Board opinions, docketing information, rules & regulations

PADEP Bureau of Air Quality
Contains air quality regulations, information about vehicles emissions inspections and searchable topics from A-Z

PADEP Office of Water Management
Contains technical guidance, fact sheets, river basin commissions, advisory committees and contacts

PA Bureau of Land Recycling
Contains information regarding remediation services, bioremediation, Superfund, storage tank cleanup, municipal and residual waste

Pennsylvania’s Recycling Page
Contains news and information about composting, buying recycled goods, oil recycling, household waste and litter; maintained by DEP

Raymond Proffitt Foundation
Pennsylvania citizen’s group

Pesticide Control

Pesticide Control Act
Contains full text of the Act

Association of American Pesticide Control Officials, AAPCO
Contains information regarding the activities and membership of state pesticide regulatory agencies, AAPCO surveys, meetings and related links

U.S. EPA Office of Pesticide Programs
Contains list of registered pesticides, news and related regulations

Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
Contains full text of the Act

Radioactive Waste

Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
Includes technical reports, announcements, the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 and related links; maintained by OCRWM, a division of the U.S. Dept. of Energy

Risk Management

Society for Risk Analysis
Information for those interested in risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, risk policy, etc. Contains news, events and risk analysis; maintained by the Society for Risk Analysis

Risk World
A comprehensive collection of risk-related news, events, societies, etc.; maintained by Tec-Com, Inc., a technical communications company

Solid Waste

Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials
Contains information on state hazardous waste programs, non-hazardous municipal solid waste and industrial waste programs, USTs, state cleanup programs, CERCLA and pollution prevention

Solid Waste Disposal Act (a.k.a. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act or RCRA)
Contains full text of the Act

EPA Office of Solid Waste
Contains laws and regulations, recycling information and clean-up information

Solid Waste Association of North America
Contains trade association publications, training, certification, advocacy, Wastecon, and chapter information

Environmental Industry Interactive
Contains searchable information from National Solid Waste’s Management Association, Waste Equipment Technology Associates, various environmental publications and other trade association resources


Ames Laboratory Environmental Technology Development
Contains an overview of the program, current projects, a list of scientists and a library of resources; maintained by the U.S. Dept of Energy’s Ames laboratory, dedicated to cleaning up hazardous waste

Groundwater Remediation Technology Center (GWRTAC)
Contains technology evaluation reports, summaries of types of remediation technology, technical documents and regulatory agency information; maintained by Concurrent Technologies Corporation, in association with the University of Pittsburgh’s Environmental Engineering Program

Hazardous Waste Clean-up Information
Contains publications, software, links and information regarding remediation technologies, site characterization, partnerships and consortia, regulations; maintained by the Technology Innovation Office of the U.S. EPA

Interstate Technology and Regulatory Cooperation
Contains guidance documents, calendar of events, newsletters, links and training opportunities; maintained by ITRC, a national coalition of state environmental regulatory agencies

Remediation Technologies Development Forum (RTDF)
Contains access to information about various remediation technologies; maintained by RTDF, a public-private partnership sponsored by the U.S. EPA

Sediments Research Web
Contains links to resources, news and an online discussion room; maintained by the Hazardous Substance Research Centers and supported by the U.S. EPA

U.S. EPA Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program (SITE)
Contains engineering performance and cost data; maintained by EPA

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Energy and Development Resources
Contains several databases including energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable living, energy systems and state-by-state resources; maintained by the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST), a private organization

Toxic Substances

Toxic Substances Control Act
Contains full text of the Act

Contains Pesticide Information Profiles, Toxicology Information Briefs, Toxicology Areas of Concern, fact sheets, news and resources; maintained by Oregon State University, University of California, Davis, Michigan State University, Cornell University and University of Idaho


Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators, (ENTRI)
Online search service for finding information about environmental treaties & natural resource indicators; maintained by a variety of government and private agencies

Water Quality

Clean Water Act
Contains full text of the Act

EPA Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water
Contains frequently asked questions, regulations, publications and local information

Groundwater Remediation Technology Center (GWRTAC)
Contains technology evaluation reports, summaries of types of remediation technology, technical documents and regulatory agency information; maintained by Concurrent Technologies Corporation, in association with the University of Pittsburgh’s Environmental Engineering Program

National Ground Water Association
Contains press releases, publications and links; maintained by NGWA, a private organization of ground water professionals–contractors, scientists, engineers and manufacturers