To maintain its client-driven focus, ELN has developed and implemented an application and review process for selecting member firms. ELN requires each member firm to demonstrate that its practice concentrates in environmental and land use law. ELN considers the breadth of each firm’s practice, the depth of experience, ethical standards and professionalism of the firm’s attorneys, and the general reputation in the community and with the environmental bar.

ELN selects firms having regular contact with local, state and federal regulators.

Simply stated, ELN was formed to better serve each firm’s clients. As business becomes more national and international, clients increasingly face complex environmental issues in more than one jurisdiction. ELN significantly extends the breadth and geographic reach of environmental legal advice and representation to meet these needs.

ELN firms provide:

  • Knowledge of environmental laws and regulations in each jurisdiction.
  • Relationships with local regulatory agencies.
  • References to environmental consultants.
  • Counsel available for multi-state issues.
“ELN members are regularly in contact with the leaders and organizations that shape environmental policy. As ELN members, we are able to tap into this collective experience without sacrificing the creativity and problem solving process of each member firm.”

Anne Longman, Partner
Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A. – ELN Member Firm

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