The Bramble Cay Melomys Goes Extinct Due to Climate Change – Update from Bick Law, LLP

Thu May 23rd, On Environmental Law, by Julieanne Nguyen

The Bramble Cay Melomys (Melomys Rubicola), also known as the mosaic-tailed rat, was found only on an island off Australia. Thriving off the small eastern Torres Strait of the Great Barrier Reef, hundreds of rats were present in 1978 after its discovery in 1845. However, studies show that the island began to shrink in 1998, decreasing by nearly 4 acres. Unsuccessful attempts to capture these rodents in 2014 led scientist to conclude extinction. In June 2016, the Bramble Cay Melomys was recognized as possibly the first mammal species to become extinct as a result of climate change.

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