EPA and ACS GCI Seeking Applicants for Safer Choice Partner of the Year and Green Chemistry Challenge Awards

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ACS GCI Announces Opening of 2018 Green Chemistry Challenge Awards; EPA Announces Opening of 2018 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Awards

We are pleased to report that on April 20, 2018, the American Chemical Society (ACS) Green Chemistry Institute (GCI) announced the opening of the 2018 Green Chemistry Challenge Awards.  Readers will recall that funding for this essential program was zeroed out in the last several budget proposals advanced by the Trump Administration.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enacted budget apparently includes the resources to continue to support the Green Chemistry Challenge Awards, and we are thrilled this effective, high-profile, well-recognized program will continue, as will another program that could have been victim to budget cuts but will also continue, notably the Safer Choice Program.  On April 25, 2018, EPA announced that it is seeking applications for the 2018 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Awards.  EPA developed the program in 2015 to recognize Safer Choice stakeholders that have advanced the goals of the Pollution Prevention Act by reducing pollution at the source through safer chemistry.

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